The working of this "particular" pottery is a process called "biscuit", and consist of creating clay objects by hand useing a  potters-wheel. The objects are then left dry, then cooked in the klin, left to dry once again, varnished, decorated and finally baked the second time.
The original of some of the reproductions that the  "Galleria" sells can be found in the most famous Museums in Florence and also out of Florence.


In the historical centre of Florence, along one of the most frequented streets that lead to Ponte Vecchio exists Galleria Machiavelli of Maria Grazia Chelazzi. It's a favourite shop for those looking to buy authentic Florentine pottery made by the towns local artisans. Florence is best known since the Renaissance period for its great masters of art and pottery ranging from its famous art-school "Della Robbia" and for its most important factories of maiolica in Montelupo Fiorentino. The most beatiful pieces of pottery of this period are reproduced and can be found at Galleria Machiavelli. As well as the vast assortment of unique pottery pieces the Galleria also holds the esclusivity of one of Florence's best known contemporary Artists. The Galleria Machiavelli has been shipping all over the world for more than 25 year, all goods are insured and arrive in one week time.

The shop accepts all credit cards.

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